Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why Swindon's Mayor Needs to Go Now

The council has reported that the Mayor of Swindon needs to apologise for his comments and undergo training.

The Mayor has responded Mayor has responded by saying he shouldn't have used a word and will consider his position.

The mayoral position is usually a ceremonial one, with the post being a 'first citizen' that represents the people of a town to the wider world on official occasions.

The individual chosen is representing every single person in Swindon, from worried Honda employers, demoralised council workers, teachers in schools, retired Plessey folk, the 18 year old who's desperate for work, to the new family that have moved to Swindon because it seemed like a decent place.

That person needs to have conduct of the highest order, to be fair, tolerant, passionate, respectful, sociable, and to have the deepest of respect for the people of Swindon.

Does that describe Mayor Nick Martin?

He needs to go for the sake of the civic pride of our town.