Saturday, December 15, 2007

Library Threats Cause Contradictions From Councillors

The spin from local councillors on justification for possible closures of the Old Town and Walcot libraries is pretty shocking.

Councillor Tomlinson says Swindon is bucking the national trend of decline in usage. He then says he doesn't think the new distance to travel would really effect people. But in the next line, he says perhaps it would. So that contradiction is the reason for the consultation.

If you aren't confused yet, you probably will be when you read the following.

Councillor Fionuala Foley says "We have to look at services for the future."

Swindon Centric Says ; So, with a town that has an increase in library patronage, the council decide to review whether to keep some of them open. Then they spout speculation on what they think the results of the consultation might be. Then they justify the review by saying they are trying to plan for the future. Surely there are more people than ever before living in Old Town, with the explosion of flat building over the last few years? So, those people are going to pay council tax, to live in an area, that is going to provide them with less service?

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Anonymous said...

Since the Old Town Library was threatened with closure, it has been given a reprieve. It is crucial that people demonstrate that they need it, by using it. The people who supported a petition to save their library have now formed a 'Friends' group, to help it to prosper. They have managed to have an event or launch a competition, or design a new initiative every month since March. They are also enjoying more support from their local Councillors and hope this will mean that Old Town Library will survive beyond April 2009. Find out more on