Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Town Centre Starts To Crumble

Since we're going to have to wait an awfully long time before any significant development happens in the town centre (apart from the BHS rebuild), the next best course should be maintaining what we currently have.

But oh no.

The stopped Jubilee clock has been unplugged for nearly a year and neither Swindon Borough Council, nor the Brunel Centre, who supplied the power, seem to care about it. How difficult can it be to plug a clock back in?'. Now, along with the empty shops and the stopped clock, we can put down the incredibly poor quality paving that runs around the outside of the Brunel Centre. Specifically the stretch from Havelock Square to Regent Street. Swindon Centric witnessed a man trip over the uneven storm drain covers that run where the old Brunel Centre canopy roofs used to stand. He didn't just trip, he nearly ended up smashing his face on the uneven and broken paving slabs.

The quality of the flooring is in stark contrast to that in Regent Street, which is in far better shape and brightens up the shopping street.

Swindon Centric Says ; Is the Brunel Centre going to bring their paving outside the centre up to an acceptable standard? In this case, they are being shown up by the Council, which isn't a comparison to be proud of.

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