Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last Waltz At The Locarno?

The owner of Swindon's derelict Locarno/Corn Exchange/Old Town Hall has applied for permission to demolish the remaining structure.

Previously the site was to be rebuilt, but permission to build on the adjacent carpark (which would make the plan economically viable) was withdrawn by councillors and the latest area of limbo began.

Coming only a few days after Leader of the Council Rod Bluh declared his support for getting the building restored, this could be another crunch moment for Swindon Borough Council's attitude towards the town's heritage. A similar situation occurred for the Mechanic's Institute, which, far from being restored, is on the agenda of the Prince's Trust for a long-term project.

Swindon Centric Says ; The easy option would be to grant Mr Gael MacKenzie permission to demolish the building. Go for the difficult option and dive into the deep end of long-term restoration and commitment. This town needs ownership of it's heritage and that needs courage and political commitment.

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