Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back to the Future on the Buses

Changes proposed by Thamesdown Transport see lots of what was old will be new again.

From the 31st May, the changes will include :

- The 1/1A will now resume it's previous cross-town routing, linking Covingham and Nythe with Middleleaze and Grange Park, which will see the number 2 vanish. This gives East Swindon a 10 minute frequency again, after it being cut down to 15 minutes, then upped to 12 minutes when it's been the number 2. Evening services will go back to a half-hour frequency.

- 13/14 are rerouted after 6pm and all day Sunday via Regent Circus for the new cinema.

- The 15 sees the last service from Wichelstowe withdrawn.

- The 17 and 18 see changes to give Penhill back a 10 minute frequency to Park North and the Park South service is reduced to half-hourly and extended to Coate Water.

- The 20 will be withdrawn as it does not cover it's cost. Strangely, for a bus that doesn't have enough passengers to pay for itself, the withdrawal of it is predicted to cause car park chaos for the GWH staff forced to drive.

All in all, the changes see lots of improvements, or a return to previous service levels, with some commercial flair by rerouting to take advantage of new destinations, but the withdrawal of the 20 is a necessary move, unless Swindon Borough Council want to increase subsidies, don't blame the bus company for it's loss.

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