Monday, October 10, 2016

Swindon's Rotten Parishes : Council WILL Force Legally-Questionable Parishing Whatever Residents Think

Swindon South MP Robert Buckland has shot more holes in Swindon Borough Council's Swiss Cheese proposal enforcing of parishes.

Yes, it is enforcing, as the cabinet paper for the final option, will be printed within 2 weeks of the public consultation closing.

Meanwhile the councillor responsible for parishing doesn't have answers to most questions on it.

Plus, SBC's wishful thinking is that businesses in the centre of Swindon will pay a one-off VOLUNTARY contribution of £400,000 towards sustaining the Town Centre parish through until after the 2018 elections until a more sustainable solution has been found.

Komadori's blistering post of their reply to the consultation shows how legally questionable the  rotten parishing of Swindon is.

And just to give one more example of SBC's North Korean attitude to and understanding of democracy, it's said that unless Stratton Parish Council takes on StreetSmart services (despite Stratton having a referendum on extending parishing powers, which they rejected, a basic bit of democracy that's been denied to the rest of Swindon) SBC will simply stop carrying them out.

That's not an option, that's an ultimatum.

These councillors are acting with reckless disregard for Swindon's residents and the democratic process. And they don't care, they really don't.

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