Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Heenan's Half-Resignation In Council Tax Dispute

"A blip on the radar" is what Dale Heenan called his late payment dispute of council tax that saw his name revealed today and his resignation from the cabinet, but remaining as a councillor.

It seems odd that resigning from his cabinet post but not as a councillor was seen as an appropriate response especially when he also recognised that councillors should be held to a higher standard than a member of the public.

In a last hurrah for Heenan's flagship project as Cabinet Member for Sustainability, Transport & Highways, the tarmac at Bruce Street Bridges that started to crack yesterday evening, just 7 months after the long delayed project was deemed finished, was being replaced this lunchtime, causing 30 minute delays to thousands of Swindon travellers.

They were replacing one metre square area of tarmac.

Cheers Dale! Good to see your council tax being well spent!

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