Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fletcher's Chocolate Box, Swindon's Best Desert?

Swindon Centric was, like Komadori, invited to two Christmas meals, one at Cosmo and the other at Fletchers.

Once you get past all the hype about Cosmo, it really is just an all-you-can-eat restaurant in nice surroundings. The selling point seems to be lost on most diners, with no-one, on a full Saturday evening, taking advantage of the chefs to cook various dishes from a multitude of ingredients. The buffet choice is wide, but the quality of the food, under heat lamps, is hit-and-miss, rice was congealed to the bowl and serving spoon and curries were watery.

What seems most strange was, even later on, when there were no-more sittings and many vacant tables, the staff asked you to leave according to the 'eating window' you are given. Any classiness portrayed by the surroundings is lost when you have to keep getting your own cutlery after each course. But for the price, what should you really expect?

Fletchers, just a few yards away was full, but service was excellent, with an extensive drinks menu behind the bar. Like Komadori, the starters and main course were good, however, that leads onto the desert. The chocolate box was new since my last visit and delicious, indeed, the only point to linger would be if it could be a bit bigger.

Swindon Centric Says ; Cosmo looks good when you go past it, but all the money appears to have been spent on the decor. Fletchers is the better choice, not just for a meal, but for the best desert in Swindon.

Can anyone better that chocolate box? Or does Fletchers take Swindon's desert crown?

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