Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Park & Ride Has Two Numbers On It's Side - 56 & 17

The recent rumours about the closure details of the Groundwell (The Copse) seem to have omitted one small, but important, detail.

Under the 1985 Transport Act, a period of 56 days notice is required before a change to a bus service.

However, an application may be made at short notice for various reasons, including 'to meet an urgent and exceptional public passenger transport requirement', or, 'for reasons which could not have been foreseen at 56 days notice.'

Now bar the transport commissioner interpreting the 'urgent and exceptional' or 'not have been foreseen at 56 days' as the council being incapable of formulating a transport policy and believing in it, looks like the 56 days grace will apply before any closure.

Swindon Centric Says ; Just divert a current service bus,(17 perhaps?) into the park and ride and allow the facility to continue in use while allowing a more successful route to absorb some of the cost.

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