Thursday, July 16, 2009

Musing On The Mode Of Town Centre's Stagnation

Swindon Borough Council have now officially announced that the Regent Place scheme, championed by Modus, is dead.

However we're assured that the Union Square (old Fleming Way Post Office site) scheme, to be carried out by Muse, is "moving ahead".

But this small piece of news from last year shows an ironic twist. A celebratory lunch (was it on expenses? Surely not!), organised by Anne Snelgrove MP wasn't attended by the group it was arranged for, Muse (in recognition of the Union Square deal). So instead, the crustless sandwiches and little cakes were in honour of the people from Modus, celebrating the Regent's Regent Place deal.

Oh the irony.

Swindon Centric Says ; If the Union Square scheme gets built, I'll give Anne Snelgrove and everyone at the New Swindon Company a jam donut*. Probably, depending on the current economic conditions and what the response of the market is to a donut-based investment in the vibrant hub that is Swindon.

* Offer is subject to withdrawal at anytime.

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