Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wheels off simple project in several Swindon Skating Moves

It appears West Swindon councillors are nursing grazed knees as the ability to deliver a small local project is beyond them.

The proposed-skate park in West Swindon at Rivermead is to be tendered again after the contractor increased the cost. Not surprising when councillors decide it should be built on a piece of open space prone to flooding.

Having discounted the views of children who will be a chunk of the users, you can't expect skaters of voting age to have much confidence in councillors to get the project done any time soon.

The 'no brainer' option would to be to have it at the Link Centre and have written the proposal into the contracts the council agreed with GLL, it's now operator.

Swindon Centric Says ; But then, if SBC councillors can't get GLL to answer their phone, what hope is there for contract writing or concrete-mixing in the Tory-blue wards of West Swindon?

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