Monday, June 26, 2017

D is for Heenan's Bad Spell at Swinon

Councillor Dale Heenan (he of the council tax debacle) has asked residents (with only a few days to the deadline, so sounds more like a tick-box engagement exercise) what they 'want to see changed or improved'.

Swindoncentric suggests Mr Heenan maybe goes for English lessons, judging by the very sloppy letter of objection he's tweeted regarding a planning application he feels strong about.

In the letter, he suggests that residents write their own letter, as it carries more weight.

True, especially since it appears he can't even spell 'Swindon' in the opening line of his.

Never mind, I'm sure putting him in charge of two Swindon Libraries will go swimmingly. Is the order for new signs in yet? Better check the spelling first.

It's S-w-i-n-d-o-n

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