Thursday, June 29, 2017

Swindon Bus War Round 4 : 3 is not the Magic Number

Too many buses running around with fresh air on board has seen Stagecoach blink on the number 3/number 5 near identical route.

Stagecoach will stop the number 3 from 12th August, stating it started well, but once Thamesdown started their near carbon copy number 5, passenger numbers fell away.

This skirmish benefit mostly the residents of Park North, with a hyper frequency of buses from two operators to choose from. In a welcome comment, the Stagecoach MD Rupert Cox noted the large number of buses running round having a "negative impact on their communities".

Top marks to Stagecoach for the comments, conceding early and giving it a go.

Now, from one front in the Swindon bus war to another, that Battle for Bassett, how goes things at the front Rupert and Andrew?

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