Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Money, Money Everywhere...

On some rare financial good news for Swindon, the Council has said it has collected vast oodles of cash from town centre developers for many new public features.

Upgrading the Oasis and Link leisure centres goes with a new central art gallery as primary places that the cash is to be spent.

What doesn't inspire much confidence is the quote from the Council's Director of Planning & Regeneration, David Potter, " We haven't got a site for it and we aren't too sure exactly what we would want. But we are looking at what the most appropriate way of housing the council's art collection is, what the running costs would be and what the usage levels will be."

So that'd be a building with four walls and a roof then? Genius.

Considering that the regeneration of the town centre has been on the cards for nearly a decade, it's bizzare and pretty worrying that the Director for Planning & Regeneration is so vague on the biggest project within his remit!

Swindon Centric Says ; Is this a backdoor way of the Council admitting that they are not going to close the Link and Oasis and rebuild them? Or is this money simply a stopgap measure? Would the Borough Council, care to clarify?

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