Thursday, November 08, 2007

Politicial Paradox Exists ; Tories Confirm Hole In Reality

We're pretty use to rather daft statements by local politicians on local issues and national politicians on national issues. But occasionally there is a bizzare crossover between the two.

Ladies and gentlemen of Swindon, let me introduce you to Mr Francis Maude MP who visited Swindon recently and proclaimed the following.

"Swindon is a model in many ways because there is a real commitment to people doing things differently and a lot of good practice that others would do well to follow," said the Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office. He also lavished further praise on Council Leader Roderick Bluh.

Swindon Centric Says ; We'd very much like Mr Maude to clarify exactly how "doing things differently" translates into "good practise"? Collection of household waste and recycling on different days than those that residents are informed of by the council, is that an example? Or perhaps the failure to predict and provide primary and secondary school provision in the town?

And does Mr Maude call Swindon a "model" council because of it's need to shed 200 jobs because it is so efficent?

Perhaps in a total Tory run World the ideal situation would be mass local government cuts? But we don't live in that World, or indeed the same reality Mr Maude seems to with his outlandish claims about our council.

Stay on the medication Francis.

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