Friday, September 21, 2007

Council's 200 Jobs To Be 'Reassigned', Not Lost

Swindon Borough Council is to cut 200 jobs from it's workforce because it's become so efficent.

That's one of the reasons. Our council has become so efficent, it is run so smoothly and meets all it's targets, it has to shed people because they are just wasteful to employ.

And the other reason?

As a part of any well run organisation, they said they have a responsibility to "challenge costs".

Swindon Centric Says ; So when those 200 get their P45s, they can say they were not made redundant, they have had their employment 'reassigned', because, not of cost cutting, but of a 'cost challenge'.

Isn't the age of spin, post-Blair meant to be over? Seems it hasn't reached the Civic Offices yet.

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