Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Top Ten Changes To Swindon's Buses This Year

In a slight variation, here is some actual news about our town's bus services. Thamesdown Transport have published outline details of changes due to take effect towards the end of May.

In true, top-ten column style, here are the changes in order of, well, a top-ten :

10. On the 18, good news as services increase to every 20 minutes, though it will be rerouted via Sparcells.

9. The 1A says goodbye to Coleview, which will now be served by probably the 23, despite one of the summaries on the Thamesdown website saying it will be the 18.

8. The NHS Express, number 16 to the GWH, will reduce to every 15 minutes.

7. Penhill gets a new service 21, hourly to the town centre, via Pinehurst and Gorse Hill.

6. Frequency rises to 30 minutes for those on the 24 route.

5. The 11 and 11A will serve an area that doesn't yet exist, East Wichel and so will terminate short of there until anything is built.

4. The 13 and 14 will have times changed after 1800.

3. The 26 will only operate between Rodbourne and Fleming Way.

2. The number 52 will be renumbered to become the 28, because it's a smaller number.

The top rated change to buses is...

1. The number 80 will cease to exist.

If you know of any bigger changes, then please do let us know.

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