Thursday, September 25, 2008

Economy Doesn't Stop Thomas Homes Churchward Scheme

Stumbled on this, interesting video about the scheme to build on the site of the former Crane Shop. Part of the new build will make use of the 'propped up' southern and eastern walls of the Crane Shop. The traverser, which dominates the site, will be reduced in size. The traverser itself isn't original and was transfered from south of the tracks, previously in use at number 19, the Carriage & Wagon Shop, being moved across the main line during reorganisation at the works in 1966.

Swindon Centric Says ; Hopefully work on this, which has already started, is guaranteed to continue and not be temporarily halted, no matter what the economy does. It'll be strange to see people's living rooms through the disused windows in the propped up walls when work is complete. Talk about a reincarnation.

PS What was the original reason that during demolition at the works site, the walls were left in place? Surely someone knows?

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