Sunday, September 28, 2008

Supersize Swindon's Sundays ; Buses Go Big In Town Services

CORRECTION : The reduced Sunday DayRider offer actual began on this Sunday, the 28th, and runs until the end of November. Sorry for the error.

Anything bus related, indeed any improvement in public transport deserves coverage, as does Swindon's Sunday bus changes.

Stagecoach has seen increased levels of patronage on the Sunday services, to the point now where some don't require council subsidy. As a result of this, frequencies are increasing from 26th of October and a promotion will be underway, with a DayRider (use it all day on all services in the town) being cut back to it's old price of £2.50 from £2.90 on Sundays.

The number 8 to Freshbrook will double to every half an hour, number 17 between Penhill and Park North becomes every 20 minutes and the number 12 will take the regular weekday 13/14 route and increase by 100% to half hourly.

Swindon Centric Says ; Well done Stagecoach for taking the initiative, this has been a long time coming for Sunday travel to be better. But, what policy is it that Thamesdown Transport has which means, apart from the hospital 16 service, it doesn't run any other buses on a Sunday. Since it's Swindon Borough Council owned, why is this?

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