Monday, September 01, 2008

The Writing Remains On The Wall - For Some

A clean-up of Old Town has highlighted the poor uptake of the free Swindon Borough Council graffiti removal service.

Despite efforts to highlight the service, many people still didn't take up the offer to make the area cleaner. This is a real shame as Swindon Centric has experience of the service and can't fault it. Often, private property not facing roadways never get cleaned unlike those facing into streets.

Personally, having seen less than three quarters of of the residents of our street walk in or out of the area, they probably never literally look over their garden fence. If they did they would see the side of privately owned walls, fences and garden sheds covered in graffiti. Whereas council owned subways, fences, walls and street furniture are repainted or jet cleaned once every fortnight.

Swindon Centric Says ; We're all quick to criticise the Council, but this service, which is free, is excellent and should be taken up by all residents who need it. It's possibly the easiest thing any resident can do to improve their area, you can ask for the service by phone and do it via email, it's that easy.

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Sean Wilson said...

The famous bit of graffiti cleaned by Tony Blair gets occasional touching up council employess & the local graffiti "artists"