Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Value Of Your Investment Can Go Up Or Down And Flap About In The Wind

Echoing Komadori's comments, the words of Matthew Singh look to be far away from the reality in Emlyn Square.

The North end of the building has become worse, even just over the past few months, with more of the scaffolding and netting seeming to be in place to prevent bits falling off onto the pavement and roadway of Bristol Street.

In late summer last year, a piece of the blue plastic that covers the theatre roof came loose and a small section of roof has been exposed to the elements ever since. As noted by Komadori last year, the plastic was put up when the titles were removed (goodness knows why).

Swindon Centric Says ; Who knew a small piece of flapping blue plastic could so much represent a town's attitude towards it's heritage - temporary, inadequate, and disrespectful.


komadori said...

I assumed the slate tiles were removed so that they could be sold… and perhaps to assist decay that might have assisted Mr Singh’s plan to demolish the northern side of the building.

mockney said...

One wonders what the interior state of the North side is compared to the South side. Has the "in-depth look" at the building taken place by the Council and will those details be made public?

The Advertiser report stated that the assessment would take place "in a matter of days".