Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pedestrian Potholes, Fearless Leaders & Sick Notes.

A tremendous new year to all, now on with the important stuff...

The majority of Skanska contractors, who installed the new paving in Regent Street (and initially in Canal Walk) have done the job, but they may be regularly returning (not just for future contracts for other public realm work), but for maintenance on the Leader's New Paving.

The choice of paving slabs was altered by the council leader (according to whispers and despite advice from, you know, engineers), but they're slightly soft, which makes them absorb muck, tire tracks and other debris at an alarming rate. Happily, a budget for regular jet-washing of the paving has been set.

However, if you stroll along Regent Street, up from the fountain, you'll see several holes (no bigger than the size of a two-pence piece) appearing in the middle of slabs which are in the centre of the street.

Is this caused by the softness of the material chosen, the jet-washing, or a combination of both?

Any work on this will have to wait for Councillor Bluh (THE man for micro-managing) to return fully to work, having been scarcely seen since the start of the year.

Swindon Centric Says ; According to Swindon Borough Council employee rules, I'm sure after two days he's provided a sick-note to those in HR, giving his reasons for his absence.

Is there a tick-box for 'leadership challenge' on a doctor's note these days?

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