Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rotten Borough Tories Sit On Own Bomb... Then Blame Plunger Manufacturer

In the most naff move seen since someone paired Mick Fleetwood and Sam Fox to host an awards show, the Conservatives in Swindon have begun to eat themselves, it's official!

The Adver have been informed that the Swindon Tories are to lodge a formal complaint about Labour Group leader Derique Montaut, as the embarrassing report on English Heritage's assessment of the Council's urgent works on the Mechanics' Institute was leaked to them by him, while at the same time threatening to make a complaint about the Adver covering this new development in the story.

This is despite the Adver learning of this latest twist from the Conservative group itself!!


Swindon Centric Says ; Take out the trash stories tomorrow include : 'Tories Start To Eat Young, Digital City Wi-Fi bought by Lex Luthor and 'Enslaving Population To Build Vanity Canal Deemed Legal by Council Leader'

PS - Dave King and all on the Hill, you have Swindon Centric's support on this bizzare and stupid turn of events, take them on, go on!

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