Friday, April 01, 2011

Top Ten Things Heard On Swindon's Buses Last (Last, Last) Week ; 193

Click here for the original and still the best at this brilliant idea, here's our own version for Swindon's buses from last week.

10. Hope it gets driven away, it's so loud.

9. The character he pretends to be is more irritating than him normally.

8. Politicians just have to care less about trying to keep their job.

7. He's no longer the Chief Executive, I think Sooty replaces him.

6. They'll try and save it, but it won't work.

5. Muffins are a poor, weedy substitute for a massive piece of chocolate.

4. In Italy they don't permit chavs.

3. There's dirty all over the floor, don't put it THERE!

2. I'm quite happy getting the bus, no fuss for me.

And the number one overheard phrase on Swindon's buses from last week is...

1. Don't look to your left, that guy from Saturday is right there.

Overheard something we've missed? Then let us know.

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