Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bus Beeching Cuts Strike for Sundays & Evenings

Major changes to Swindon buses services will result in entire areas of town without services on evenings and Sundays from June.

Who's responsible for this change? Profiteering bus companies? No, your own, they-work-for-you, Swindon Borough Council.

Council subsidies being withdrawn almost entirely (which has never happened to this degree before) will leave some areas will no services after eight in the evening. However, Kingsdown and Highworth come off worse, with no service for either area on Sundays, at all.

So if you use the bus for getting to work on Sunday mornings, to go shopping, to meet friends in the evenings, then your quality of life is about to seriously change.

Some will say, it's only, mostly empty buses being cut, but how would car drivers feel if all main roads were closed and gated off after 7pm in the evenings, or weren't open at all on Sundays?

The ability to get from A to B isn't a luxury, it's a basic right and when that's taken away, or severely limited, you're heading down a dangerous path of potentially pushing up an indicator of poverty.

Swindon Centric Says ; Why didn't Swindon Borough Council throw open it's process on these changes and start a town-wide debate on the changes?

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komadori said...

Nice to see the Adver so up-to-date with news (ahem)! It’s an interesting contrast with Wiltshire Council, which has put up car park charges in order to allow it to continue to subsidise bus services.