Saturday, June 18, 2011

Top Ten Things Heard On Swindon's Buses Last (Last, Last, Last, Last, Last) Week ; 201

Click here for the original and still the best at this brilliant idea, here's our own version for Swindon's buses from last week.

10. Be a good lad and go home.

9. I can read the report, unless you have something to add, it's all there in black and white.

8. Mr. Richardson has been there all morning talking about percentages.

7. Moving my feet will only make this shopping go all over the floor.

6. A more gentlemanly fellow would have given up his seat, but we all know what you are.

5. It's probable that she doesn't even know she's doing it.

4. There's nothing remotely similar in the way they act.

3. For once, it's not my fault.

2. I was looking for an explanation and a new jacket to be honest.

And the number one overheard phrase on Swindon's buses from last week is...

1. What would you say you'd list, in order of popularity, of their gluten-free bars?

Overheard something we've missed? Then let us know.

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