Sunday, September 04, 2011

Bats (& Administration) In The Development Belfry

As we recently learnt, the long-delayed Regent Circus development is now being held up due to bats roosting in the former Technical College building on the site next to Victoria Road.

But could something far more business-like be a factor in the delay?

Like one of the two developers going into administration?

The Regent Circus scheme is being carried out by Ashfield Land and Parkridge Developments, but the latter is currently in administration which begs the question, why when Deputy Council Leader (and Cabinet Member for Regeneration) Garry Perkins waxed lyrical about bats, did he not mention that one of the two developers was in administration?

Swindon Centric Says ; Why has this fact never been announced by Garry Perkins, or Swindon Borough Council? Even if the administration of Parkridge Developments has no effect on the project, why has no-one in our Council talked about it?

Rotten Borough Regeneration?


The issue of Parkridge Developments going into administration was raised by Councillor Bawden, who directed his question to Councillor Perkins of whether it would have an effect on the Regent Circus scheme and was told by Councillor Perkins it would make little difference.

Sorry for the mistake and thank you to Councillor Steve Wakefield for the correction.

So, it is just the bats we have to deal with. Maybe we can get them like this :

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