Friday, June 05, 2015

You wait ages for a political bluster and two come along at once

The withdrawal of the no.65 Stagecoach in Swindon service has ruffled some feathers amongst councillors in Swindon Borough Council and South Marston.

South Marston Parish Council complain that they didn't know about the changes until a resident told them. It's clear then that none of the parish councillors use the bus. To then complain they weren't informed discounts that Stagecoach advertised the changes before, in many ways - online, at bus stops, leaflets, new timetables and in the Adver.

Not to miss out making a little hay, Swindon Borough Councillor Heenan has suggested alternatives will be discussed at the next Cabinet meeting.

One thinks, are they only reactive alternatives due to the Adver story? Surely a proactive council would have planned possible alternatives back in March (and announced they were working on them) when Oxfordshire County Council withdrew the main chunk of funding for the 65? Odd that he didn't comment on the improvement to Thamesdown Transport's service through his own constituency, with the renumbered service 1/1A now recreating a cross-town route and increasing to every 10 minutes.

But that decision didn't involve politicians of course, or subsidy.

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