Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Foolishness ; Drunks Get Free Flip-Flops & Sweeties

Ok, this story isn't from today, but local 'news' is thin on the ground today. The Swindon Community Safety Partnership is to give drunken people in the Fleet Street area an 'emergency kit' which consists of a personal alarm, bottle of water, condom, flip-flops and, wait for it, a lollipop.

We won't go into details, as to how and why the items are thought to reduce the problems with night-time drinking, but combined with the recent news of the closure of John Street and Fleet Street during the end of the week, we're wondering what the next step will be.

It's awfully nice for (yet another Partnership for you Komadori) some folk to want to ensure people's safety, but why should people who choose to go out and get blind drunk get such special treatment?

Swindon Centric Says ; A better solution would be a zero tolerance attitude to excess drinking and a sharper licensing of the Fleet Street area to get the pubs and bars spread out. Some people may remember, not that long ago when that area had shops. What a novel idea for a town centre. Unless you wish to drown your sorrows, after dark it's not the nicest spot.

PS Next week's predictive headline... Council Installs Foam Rubber Pavement In Fleet Street To Protect Drinkers From Trips & Falls

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