Monday, February 04, 2008

Marvellous Monday Mania Part 1 ; Let The Hot Air Blow

Today we have a woman who organised a protest on White Horse Hill, against the despoiling of her neighbourhood by the Westmill Wind Farm.

The farm has seen the turbines erected last week, with testing taking place before they go live. Joanna Lambert though, who knew about the turbines when she moved to the area in 2004, but 'wasn't fully aware of it's scale' can't see the turbines from her house. She claims they spoil the view. She doesn't specify for who, maybe it spoils the view for her when she takes a walk up on the hill, woe is her. Joanna Lambert was on top of White Horse Hill on Saturday for like-minded folk to join her and moan. Priority was given to those who live in a local radius to invest in the venture. Joanna Lambert may be surprised to find some of her neighbours have shares in the farm.

Swindon Centric Says ; Could she not see the cooling towers of Didcot Power Station when she gazed down from the Hill? Doesn't this have a bigger impact on the view than the five windmills?

She didn't mention Didcot Power Station. We've provided a picture above, which shows this for her, with the power station in the background. Were the tears she was shedding over the wind farm blurring her view of the huge coal and gas fired generating station?

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