Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Poverty Is Relative ; To How Much You Spend

Any coverage of child poverty, especially if you can localise it to your own town is welcomed.

However, if you find a local example to show this plight, surely you'd listen to what they said and possibly pause and say "pardon", when they tell you how much they spend on their child's school uniform.

Kerry Thomas said how difficult things are for her, with little spare money. But she also said she spent £200 on her five year-old son's school uniform.

Swindon Centric Says ; What is costing her £200 in uniform wares? Did she not hear about the £4 uniform that Asda launched in the summer. It may have sold out, but the 'normal' prices are still cheaper than £200.

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Em's way said...

e tried and tried to figure out how she spent that much, and even if she had 5 sets of uniform, (one for each day) buying at asda prices would not of added up to that much. Dreadful example! How about the ones who have to cancel hospital appointments because they cannot afford the bus/train fare to get there? thats what I call poverty!!!