Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Mystery Of The Vanishing No. 1 Sunday Bus

If there was a Swindon based weekday afternoon gentle detective comedy-drama, then this would be a suitable case for them.

As we covered recently, Stagecoach are expanding buses in Swindon on Sundays from the 26th of October. However, the new timetable book for Sundays from Stagecoach includes the following line in the summary page, 'We regret that Service 1 will no longer be operated by Stagecoach.'

Any timetable details on Thamesdown Transport's website includes nothing on whether they may be taking up the Sunday mantle. A glance at the network map for Sundays shows the pale area to the west and east of the town which will be left worse off on Sundays.

Swindon Centric Says ; So, what's happening? Since Stagecoach will be able to run some Sunday services without subsidy, why is the number one bus being withdrawn? If Thamesdown will be running the service, despite their aversion to Sundays, why hasn't it been announced with five days to go before Grange Park and Covingham get a six days a week service?

Swindon Borough Council have been contacted through their not-updated-that-frequently transport website for a response.

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komadori said...

’Tis on Thamesdown’s website now.