Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bruce Street Bungle - peak time over night time right time

Avoid Bruce Street Bridges today if you value your sanity!

Swindon Borough Council has given this stellar advice, as the rebuilding work today sees resurfacing happening. This will mean only two lanes available at evening peak time and long delays during the day.

As Network Rail gets on with it's work at Stratton Green Bridge, why didn't SBC schedule the work over a very small number of nights? This happens in other parts of the world, but somehow, the least disruptive option for road users (the night time noise to local residents would be regrettable, but if it could shorten the delays they suffer day after day, it could be welcomed) is the one that has not been taken up for this work.

Maybe SBC needs to up it's skill and knowledge levels for projects like this, as it seems the residents have better ideas as to how to carry out the work than they do.

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