Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lawns, Locarno and Lib Dems

The tiny party of Lib Dems in Swindon appear to be fighting back from extinction with a good meaty topic - possible building of car parking spaces on the Lawns for the Locarno development.

However, far from filling with information, the Lid Dems have missed most of the meat from the bones of the story.

The proposed Locarno redevelopment includes, as most developments in Swindon have, a problem with car parking. One of the numerous possible options being explored is building some spaces on the Lawns. The Lib Dems give no further details of this plan, or of the others, but urge residents to make their opinions felt in the form of an online survey. This survey gives no further options, information, or facts about that plan or the alternatives.

This is the same Lib Dems who seem to miss the boat on planning matters as a point of course. Witness the campaigning on the crossing at Regent Circus (once it was finished), and the printing in leaflets of the wish to see the old Swindon College building turned into an art gallery (despite it being approved for other uses and the council favouring a site near the Wyvern). The Lib Dems were also surprised at a demolition at the rear of the building (the surprise was also expressed by the Civic Voice) which was part of the approved planning application.

Expect more heat being generated by the Swindon Lib Dems in the run-up to May, but as for light, there's only a few of them, so don't expect them to have enough bodies to turn both handles at once.

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