Sunday, April 17, 2016

Top Town Thamesdown Return after Bruce Street Bungle?

Say it quietly, quickly and with a spoonful of healthy doubt - the work on Swindon's Bruce Street Bridges appears to have been completed.

The less said about the 'give way the wrong way junction' junction and the vast amount of bleak tarmac that's a massively wide footpath (why didn't they just put in more bushes and greenery?), the multiple overruns and the countless time and money wasted with residents stuck in queues, the better.

Can we soon look forward to Thamesdown Transport's service 13 and 14 now returning to their original routing via Commercial Road and Regent Circus for daytime weekdays?

As Thamesdown's chief said last August, the services had been rerouted via Station Road to allow a quicker service recovery due to the long queues at Bruce Street Bridges whilst the work overran, and overran and and overran.

The project was also announced as 'substantially complete', twice. Here and here. Great job there Councillor Dale Heenan, the councillor in charge. Interestingly, Councillor Heenan was quite happy to get his face in the paper for the new Stratton Green Bridge opening, but Swindoncentric doubts he'll perform a grand ribbon-cutting at Bruce Street Bridges.

So when will passengers from Haydon Wick and Moredon on the 13 and 14 be able to enjoy direct service back to the usual routing?

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