Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Two Steps Forward Swindon, Three Steps Back to Council?

The advertising by Swindon Borough Council for a Business Engagement Retention Officer sounds oddly like the work that SBC-owned regeneration company Forward Swindon is meant to do.

Even more oddly, the job description makes reference to the SBC team working with the Forward Swindon team.

So is SBC deciding to 'double-up' roles and build it's own empire to rival Forward Swindon, or does SBC have an intention to close Forward Swindon by default, by bring it's roles back in-house?

Whatever the truth, the fact that the Forward Swindon website has not been updated since June last year, their Twitter has been moribund since November last they appear to not have a marketing person on their team and there's been no press releases issued since then, things don't seem to be moving forward for Forward Swindon.

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