Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We're going to take this previously council-tax-paid-for service and make it an evergreen payer

The annual story about signing-up for the Swindon Borough Council green waste collection has reared it's ugly head like a weed sprouting forth following a sudden burst of warm weather.

No mention is ever made of this service for several years being previously provided under the council tax rate every household pays. That service then stopped, but there was no reduction in council tax to reflect this, then in 2014 a separate pay-for service was introduced at £40 a year for fortnightly collections during the warm months. 

The unpopularity of the scheme was reflected in the increase in flytipping in the months following introduction.

Witness over the next few months those who can afford it, with the large drives of the nice houses in the wealthy areas of town, will have their bins out every fortnight. 

Whereas in the poorer areas of town, they'll be conspicuous by their absence. 

One SBC doorstep service for the well-off gardener, and one queue at the municipal recycling centre for the poor other.

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