Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An Artistic Interpretation Subsidy Versus Investment

The confident words of Robert Hiscox in his The Big Interview in the Adver in the hopes for a new museum and art gallery for Swindon will be a shot in the arm for the project which seems to have gone quiet since missing out on Heritage Lottery Fund money last year.

Hadrian Ellory-van Dekker has been appointed as the Director of the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery Trust (which appears to be a first-class appointment) but details of what happens next are very quiet.

What is very 'now' is the mention of support for the museum and art gallery project as 'investment', whereas the support Swindon Borough Council gives to country parks and libraries is seen as 'subsidy'.

Will the wording of such change before a spade is put in the ground, and how does SBC square the circle of giving with one hand, but taking away funding for transporting disabled folk about, libraries, Lydiard and much more to residents and taxpayers on the other?

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