Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Swindon Election Leaflets - Lights, Cameras, Matt-action!

Very little seems to stand-out in Councillor Brian Mattock's election leaflet. It's a very Swindon Tory leaflet, listing 'achievements' that would have happened anyway, refurbished playgrounds (carried out by SBC staff), more class spaces (undertaken by the schools involved), footbridge replacement (hopefully done by an engineer), putting Christmas lights up (maybe Councillor Mattock is the spirit of crimbo? Doubt it), road resurfacing (does he have his own steam roller?), and finally the achievement of a private organisation spending it's own private money on the Croft Sports Centre.

What a jack of all-other-people's trades!

But it doesn't stop there, voters of Old Town and East Wichel. It's time to recycle some previous announcements, in the very best Swindon Tory election leaflet traditions :

- Prudent use of council tax (the mantra now for over 5 years).
- Vision for Swindon (an updated version of the 'promises', in some cases so vague, they're meaningless and immeasurable).
- A new bus station (promised and announced many times since 2008).
- Aspen House redevelopment (same as above, since 2012).
- The Oasis redevelopment (same as above).
- Support for Old Town Library (so vague it's meaningless, and contrary to SBC announcements on what it wants for libraries, as in only pay for the Central Library).

Well done Councillor Mattock, what a leaflet, such 'achievement' by the Mattock Man!


david said...

"Brian Mattock". I always thought "Myron Buttock" was his real name. Nasty piece of work, and friend of Mike (Bertie) Bawden, to boot.

Anonymous said...

Well, he got his comeuppance, didn't he.