Sunday, June 05, 2016

Top Ten Things Overheard On Swindon's Buses Last Week ; 320

Click here for the original at this brilliant idea, here's our own version for Swindon's buses from last week.

10. Why's no-one called Percy anymore?

9. I have been unfairly treated.

8. Yes it is I.

7. Terrible when you think what her kids are like too.

6. They're not magic, he just likes to show off.

5. Is that thunder?

4. It's gone back to every 12 minutes, can't say I'm impressed, but I'm not surprised.

3. So dark it could be nine at night.

2. I've told you again and again, I just can't wear leggings.

And the number one overheard phrase on Swindon's buses from last week is...

1. I took video to prove what he's doing and I'm going to show it to him when he next tries it.

Overheard something we've missed? Then let us know.

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