Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Building At Coate - That's Soo Last Year?

Another week, another amount of policy fuzziness on the building at Coate plan.

First we were told that nothing would get built unless a university was to go with it.

Then we were assured the Council were in discussion with several universities.

Following the University Of Bath dropping out, a plea was given for any other universities which were interested to make themselves know.

The next twist was the comments made by the Great Western Hospital, which made clear it would not support development since the developers had not set aside enough land needed. They had suggested the GWH use land planned for an extended park-and-ride instead.

Not exactly an appropriate suggestion for an area meant to be a shining example of sustainability is it?

Then, the University Of The West Of England is believed to be in talks with the Council to build a campus at North Star. Bringing us full circle to the discussions several years ago of a town centre university.

Swindon Centric Says ; Just build it at North Star, if it's a failure at least we can still go back to Coate, the land will still be there. Won't it?

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