Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rail Town Councillors Show Their Poor Knowledge Of The Railway

Councillors meeting staff from Network Rail and First Great Western to discuss railway travel showed little professionalism when it came to the questions asked. Councillor Peter Greenhalgh (for Freshbrook and Grange Park) said that for him there is no incentive to use the train. He missed the incentive of the smaller environmental impact and when reading his comment and question in full, sounds more like an angry and narked rant from a passenger than a representative of the people.

His colleague, councillor Peter Mallinson (for Walcot) faired little better. He was appalled that people have to stand and "can't believe it's in line with health and safety". Maybe if he'd done his homework he could have answered his own question that there is no legal limit on number of passengers in a railway carriage, says the Office Of Rail Regulation. The question was pointless when directed at Network Rail and First Great Western, as they don't set the rule on capacity.

Swindon Centric Says ; Can someone arrange for Mr Greenhalgh and Mr Mallinson to visit the Department for Environment and Office Of Rail Regulation respectively and explain to them what their policies are and what they do?

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