Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Political Fountain - Dripping in the Wrong Direction

Like Komadori, Swindon Centric is impressed by the new look of Canal Walk. The paving has mostly solved the uneven levels of the street and the feeling of a wider space has been achieved.

The fountain has become a talking point and yesterday's visit certainly showed children were drawn to it and people were stopping to look and comment. It does seem to dribble more than rush and even the dribble is creating a permanent damp patch over the new paving as the water falls outside the range of the drainage grills and flows down towards Bridge Street and the BHS site.

I was expecting the water to follow the contour of the design and neatly down into the drains, perhaps a change in flow speed and direction could be made. Or, increase the horizontal ground space of the grills, replacing some of the paving.

Swindon Centric Says ; With a report that the council leader would prefer the town centre to be about leisure rather than retail, what does he plan to turn all the empty shop units in the Brunel Centre and empty swathes of land into?

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