Saturday, December 18, 2010

Enterprising New Year Bus Price Cuts!

With buses still running through the snow today, this news of a price cut (yes, CUT!) by Stagecoach in Swindon and Thamesdown Transport seems terribly appropriate.

The 7-day TravelPassPlus (allowing unlimited bus travel on both companies buses within Swindon and out to Wootton Bassett, Cricklade, Highworth, Foxhill and a host of other places) is being slashed to £10 between the 9th January and the 5th February.

This is great news for those who commute from places outside the town and passengers within Swindon. The usual price for a 7-day TravelPass in the Swindon area is £13 and for those in the 7-day TravelPassPlus area is £15.

Swindon Centric Says ; Well done Stagecoach and Thamesdown, get saving those pounds in the New Year!

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