Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top Ten Things Heard On Swindon's Buses Last Last Last Last Week ; 177

Click here for the original and still the best at this brilliant idea, here's our own version for Swindon's buses from last week.

10. Does she have a pin and where is it?

9. We're ignoring the pressure all around us.

8. You are asking for trouble.

7. It adds 900 million pounds to the debt.

6. In return for that, I want you to promise me you'll stop being a sod.

5. No decorations this year, I can't be arsed.

4. The 'modern economy', no-one knows what that means!

3. What about your continuing ability to be suave?

2. Christmas party in November, say what?

And the number one overheard phrase on Swindon's buses from last week is...

1. You've got to fight for your right... to a seat over the wheel arch.

Overheard something we've missed? Then let us know.

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