Friday, September 18, 2015

View from the Blue Top

A nugget of wisdom from today's Swindon Beaver Herald (yes, a Beaver) courtesy of the housewives's favourite Tory Boy, Marcus Monter...

I don't mean to gloat, but he won! Yes, the most unelectable leader of Labour since, well the last leader, that bacon sandwich-munching twit. Well done, but he doesn't stand a chance, and if he's still here in a year's time, I'll eat something from one of those cheap supermarkets, but only if it's a premium brand. Meanwhile, blah blah, hard working families, blah blah, poverty? I'd love to comment, but I'm up to my word count, up the Tory Blue workers!

For reasons of balance, the red party were contacted locally, but they were too busy weaping into their boxsets of 'Now, this is what I call the 1970s'.

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