Monday, November 20, 2006

The Louder We Get ; The More Deaf They Get

With the huge opposition to the proposed closure of Lower Shaw Farm, the Council's attitude to it's residents does seem bizzare at best.

You will remember the debacle with the Headland's 'Hondalands' Academy which the Council seems relentlessly determined to pursue, despite major misgivings by not just residents and teachers, but also, it's own councillors. Well, remember that fantastic piece of spin put on the results of a consultation exercise where a certain member of the Council assumed that the people who didn't answer the survey must have been in favour, otherwise they would have said so?

A bit like saying that all those millions of people who don't bother to vote in general elections all support the government 100% but are just too bone-idle lazy to vote.

And we are constantly told that 'these are the chances to have your voice heard'?

Well, Councillors, if you're listening, the people of Swindon do not want you to close, meddle with, touch or go anywhere near Lower Shaw Farm, we've spoke, nay shouted from the rooftops and what have our elected representatives done?


Why is it when a subject as emotive as this one gets people rallied, the people we elect do not listen?

I certainly hope that I am wrong, very VERY wrong.

  • Read the opposition to the plans here