Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Swindon Has Sun Turned Down To Save Power

In a huge victory for environmentalists and plenty of local tin-foil hat wearing nut jobs alike, the local Council has had the Sun turned down.

To allow Swindon to meet it's local emissions targets under the Kyoto Protocol the local authority received permission early this afternoon to have the sun turned down from a barmy 26 degrees to a mild 19 degrees for two hours tomorrow.

'' This will allow Swindon to cut it's CO2 emissions within it's annual target for year ending 2007'' a Council spokeswoman said today.

It is believed that no residents will be directly effected as the turnoff is taking place at the quietest time of the day to prevent major disruption to businesses.

The 'cooling off' period will be from 0100 until 0300 Greenwich Mean Time, an angry Sydney, Australia resident called the Swindon Centric Office to say City officials down under were asking citizens to dig out their jumpers and flashlights.

It is unconfirmed tonight that Sydney is looking to have it's cooling off period during business hours, Swindon time, as a tit-for-tat retaliatory action.