Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Library Building Starts ; Builders Reminded To Turn Off Mobile Phones

Construction work finally began today on Swindon's brand new Central Library. The site at Regent Circus will be a striking design which will incorporate a glass sided spiral staircase with brickwork in the same style as the adjacent Town Hall.

It has also been assured that construction work will happen without disruption and in keeping with Council Library policy the work will be constantly overseen by a middle-aged officious female librarian wearing half-moon glasses on a chain.

She will also have a small 'quiet' sign in front of her at all times and every twenty minutes go ''shhhh!'' to all the contractors.

Anyone who steps out of line will have their Mum called said a Council spokesman.

Rumours that builders have been issued with slippers remain unconfirmed tonight.

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