Monday, January 15, 2007

Bristol Gets A Run-Away Runway

With the full reopening of Bristol International Airport last week, the actually cause was far more embarrassing to it's owners than the popularly circulated version.

The mass media reported the cause was the lack of traction grooves cut into the temporary surface, making planes skate about like a drunk Olympic athlete on braking after landing.

However a tip-off from a Captain who would only identify himself as B.I Ggles told Swindon Centric that early 7th January Friday morning, after bring in his Sopwith Camel that a 227 foot section of the runway was missing. '' There was just an area of freshly disturbed mud where the concrete and tarmac-topped section should have been, I thought perhaps we'd had the Groundforce team in and they were installing cheaper and nicer looking decking.''

A hasty repair job ensued, giving Bristol Lullsgate back its 227 feet and safe to operate flights.

The exact whereabouts of the section of runway remain unknown this hour, but rumours that Heathrow has attached an extra 227 feet to its runway 27R to accomodate the introduction of the new A380 super-jumbo remain hearsay.

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